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Politicos and Activists Agree to Pause Politics – For Now

BANGKOK — Sirawith Seritiwat, a prominent student activist and persistent junta critic, said it wasn’t long after the Oct. 13 death of His Majesty the Late King that soldiers rang him up to ask whether he would engage in any political activities and urge him not to make any moves during the mourning period.

Crime, Courts, Calamity

Vintage Mad Scientist Collects Faces This Weekend at Alt Cinema

BANGKOK — Halloween is just around the corner, so get a headless start this weekend by enjoying some chilling madness in a classic French-Italian horror film at Bangkok’s new alternative cinema.


Group: Russia, Saudi Don’t Belong on UN Human Rights Council

UNITED NATIONS — Human Rights Watch says Saudi Arabia and Russia's candidacies for the U.N.'s top human rights body are compromised by their actions in Yemen and Syria respectively, where they have been accused of unlawful attacks on civilians.

Hong Kong Court Sees Chilling Video Describing Torture

HONG KONG — A jury in Hong Kong watched chilling video Tuesday of a British banker describing how he tortured and killed an Indonesian woman he met in a bar, saying he repeatedly raped her and "tortured her badly."

48 Police Trainees Killed in Attack, Pakistani Officials Say

QUETTA, Pakistan — Gunmen stormed a police training center late Monday in Pakistan's restive Baluchistan province and detonated explosive vests, killing at least 48 police trainees, authorities said.

France Moving More Than 6,000 Migrants, Destroying Huge Camp

CALAIS, France — Lines of migrants with their lives in small bags walked to a registration center in the French port city of Calais Monday, the first day of the mass evacuation and destruction of the filthy camp they called home.

Bill Murray Accepts Humor Prize After Gentle Roast

WASHINGTON — In an evening filled with jokes about Bill Murray's elusiveness and quirky personality, it was David Letterman who provided the most touching moment as Murray was honored with the nation's top prize for comedy.
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